Medication Adherence and Compliance

How Can We Improve Adherence/Compliance?

As healthcare professionals, we understand the importance of patients adherence to prescribed therapies. That is why we have utilized the following tools to help support your patients long-term health.

Multi-Medication Blister Packaging

Managing multiple medications can prove to be challenging for any patient. We now offer weekly and monthly multi-medication blister packaging to provide a simpler medication administration process for your patients and/or care takers.

Chinook Pharmacy App w/ Daily Reminders

Life gets busy. Sometimes quick tasks like taking medication can slip our patients minds and get lost in the shuffle. That is why we chose to partner with PocketRX to provide a Chinook Pharmacy app. The in app daily reminders will ensure that the hustle and bustle of daily life will not interfere with regular medication compliance.

Free Home Delivery

Studies have shown, patients who opt for at-home delivery of their medications, exhibit a significantly improved medication compliance rate. We understand the importance of staying on recommend therapies, and that is why we have chosen to offer this valuable service, at no additional cost.

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