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Refer your clients to Chinook Pharmacy and watch your business grow with our free advertising!

Chinook Pharmacy Referral Program

The Chinook Pharmacy Referral Program is a partnership between the pharmacy and your organization. When you refer 10 patients to Chinook, we will promote your organization through the following advertising channels:

  • A partnership advertisement with your logo in your local paper

  • A month-long profile of your agency on the Home page of our website

  • Your logo permanently placed on our Healthcare Partners page, linking to your website

  • Four FB posts during the same month of your website Home page article


As you proceed to 10 referrals, we’ll be giving you a progress report along the way.

How to Transfer Patient Prescriptions to Chinook

It’s easy to transfer your patients to Chinook. We simply need three items: A cover page with your information, the patient’s “face” (information) sheet and the patient’s current filling pharmacy. You can FAX (720) 465-9312 or email (chinookpharmacy@outlook.com) the documents our way. We’ll log your referral and take it from there!

If Your Patients Contact Us Directly

If your patients contact us directly, we’ll ask how they learned about us to ensure we log your referral. Then we’ll simply ask for current filling pharmacy, date of birth, address and phone number. We’ll call their pharmacy and get their prescriptions transferred! 

Interested in Learning More About a Partnership with Chinook?

Contact us at (720) 458-4887 or email us: chinookpharmacy@outlook.com. Let’s become partners in serving our most vulnerable patients by delivering in-home care together.