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We are a locally owned, independent pharmacy, and your Colorado neighbors. 

About Chinook Healthcare Pharmacy

Chinook Healthcare Pharmacy was founded in 2005 by Tyson Hodge, the company owner and president. He started Chinook with the motivation to help people with diabetes lower their healthcare costs by giving them access to low-cost diabetic supplies. In 2015, Tyson expanded the company's services, as he saw a need in his community for people with health challenges to have easier access to and understanding of their medications. Along the way, Tyson discovered the value and personal connections that were made possible through delivering all prescribed products - including prescriptions, medical products and equipment - to both healthcare provider organizations and their patients. He realized that this convenience, complemented by personalized service, resulted in greater continuity of care, better patient health and improved patient satisfaction. 

Meet Our Colorado Care Team


When you work with Chinook, you can trust you will have a personal relationship with me. I sincerely believe making these connections can improve lives. There's nothing else I'd rather be doing than leading the Chinook organization to help more patients in Colorado!


I have a B.A. in Economics from CU Boulder, and live in Colorado with my wife and four children. In my spare time, I embrace all that Colorado has to offer: camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.




I was drawn to working for Chinook because it's a local pharmacy that allows me to work directly with patients, their families, their caregivers and their doctors. Together, we function as a true care team. I particularly enjoy working with patients that have complex or changing health conditions, because I know the value I bring to their care through personal consultation.

​I am a local Coloradan, having studied as Metropolitan State University, followed by receiving my doctorate and MBA from Creighton University. When I'm not helping patients, I am active both inside and outside the gym in our beautiful Colorado weather!




I enjoy fulfilling the range of prescribed care Chinook offers. From compounded medication to medical equipment, I ensure we are providing just what the customer needs and wants. I interact directly with customers, providing that extra level of service that our patients appreciate. I'm bilingual, which also makes me the point person for our Spanish-speaking patients. 

I was raised in Boulder and attended Fairview High School. I am a single mother of three, which keeps me very busy outside of work. I enjoy long drives in the mountains, reading, music and spending time with my family. 

Pharmacy Technician



I am excited to be part of the Chinook team. I am particularly interested in compounding and the benefits it offers patients and their pets.  I have a Bachelor's degree in teaching, but I had always wanted to work in healthcare field. I moved from Russia to Colorado in 2006, and attended Everett College in Aurora, where I received a pharmacy technician diploma in 2011.


I love spending time with my five year old son, and I volunteer for an addiction center because I enjoy helping people. I also make beauty products such as soaps, lotions and lip balms, which allows me to utilize some of my compounding skills!

Pharmacy Technician



You'll see my smiling face when I deliver orders to your door! I love meeting you, providing you with what you need, and making sure you're happy and taken care of.


I have an Associate’s degree from Front Range Community College in General Studies with an emphasis on medicine. When I'm not caring for patients, I like being creative—making jewelry and creating artwork with colored pencils. I also enjoy ballroom dancing!

Care Delivery Coordinator



I make sure Chinook's business runs smoothly! I like working for Chinook because it's like family; I have a background in working for small, locally owned businesses, and it's where I feel I can make the most impact. 


I was born in New Mexico but came to Colorado for my Associate’s degree in Accountancy. I went back to New Mexico to get my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy knowing I'd return to Colorado where my heart belonged. I've been here for 14 years and continue to love it. I have two daughters, and together we enjoy being outdoors biking, going to parks and camping.