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Welcome to Chinook, your local, delivery-based Colorado pharmacy. We are proud to be an independent company and a trusted partner within the Colorado healthcare community. We collaborate with healthcare providers by offering patient care coordination and prescribed care delivery services to ensure the best patient outcomes. We also deliver in person to patients - from standard and specialty prescriptions to durable medical equipment and medical products - offering unmatched continuity of care. 

At Chinook, we always put the care of the patient first, providing affordable options and personalized care solutions. We treat every patient with kindness and compassion; whether we are working with healthcare providers or those receiving care, our mission is to improve patients' lives. Meet the Chinook Team >>

Services for Patients

Chain-store pharmacies will fill your prescription, but they cannot provide the personal touch and expert advice you will receive as a Chinook patient - after all, you are our valued neighbor. We will deliver in person to you at home, free of charge. And, as an independent pharmacy, we are able to work with you to find the most affordable solutions for your needs. We deliver:


  • Standard & compounded medications

  • IV therapies

  • Pre-assembled sets of your medications 

  • Medical refills

  • Vitamins & nutraceuticals

  • Durable medical equipment  
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Services for Providers

We are your partner in healing, connecting personally with your patients and enhancing their care. Chinook works with home healthcare agencies, physicians' and veterinarians' offices, skilled nursing centers and continuing care facilities to deliver ongoing prescribed services. Providers like you choose Chinook particularly because we support their most vulnerable patients who may need more guidance and personal care. We offer patient care coordination services, and deliver, free of charge: 


  • Standard & compounded medications

  • Inoculations & vaccinations

  • Durable medical equipment

  • Wound care & other medical product solutions 
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Compounding eases the medication experience for both people and pets!

Provider Partner of the Month!

We Are Proud to Partner with Accel at Golden Ridge

Accel at Golden Ridge provides superior clinical care, rehabilitation, wellness, and supportive services that meet the wants, needs, and expectations of their patients and residents. Accel at Golden Ridge combines premium skilled nursing and rehabilitative healthcare with luxurious accommodations and amenities, for a hotel-like experience while patients recuperate. Residents receive comprehensive skilled nursing care that includes a full range of healthcare services including short-term and post-surgical care and long-term care. Acel strongly believes in quality care, compassion and enhancing the lives of each individual. 


To learn more, visit https://accelgolden.com/

We at Chinook are proud to be their partner in quality prescribed care services. 



Chinook provides a valuable service that not only helps my clients, but helps my nurses out as well."


Janet P., RN, home healthcare


“I used to dread taking five different pills every morning, but thanks to Chinook’s compounding pharmacists, I’m able to get all the medications I need by rubbing some cream into my skin once a day. It’s made my life so much simpler. Thanks, Chinook, you’re miracle workers!” 


Robert D., skilled nursing center patient 

“We always tell our clients about Chinook's awesome services! They have helped out more of our patients than we can count!”


Valarie E., RN, physician's office

“Chinook delivers my medications, all assembled and ready to go, right to my door. I love being visited by a person who truly cares about me and my health."


Kristin S., homebound patient


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